Bloggers To Admire

When I first started my blog, I kept thinking back to a person who I have been keeping up with their blogs and reviews, and couldn’t help but think they were who I admired the most. A few years back I stumbled across a few articles by Marc Heilbrunn and a website he founded called Mostly Junk Food. Marc’s reviews stand out from the rest of the music bloggers because of his unique style of writing. The Mostly Junk Food articles are definitely my ‘go to’ reviews. Over the weekend I tweeted out to Marc and shortly after I got a tweet back from him.

Another person who I admire, is Dave also known as the Brooklyn Vegan.I first read his blog after SXSW 2011. I began to follow him on Twitter, and truly enjoyed each and every piece of writing he has published. I sent “BrooklynVegan” a tweet, but unfortunately didn’t get a response back.

These two are my ultimate ‘thought leaders’.


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