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Farewell Fall 2013

Here we are, another semester completed, memories made, a blog created, and an undergraduate student left with effective ways to use social media (appropriately). When promoting one self via internet the rules of etiquette are ones to follow. Before this course, the thought of creating a twitter account nearly gave me an aneurism. Just thinking about the headache of unbearably constant news feed updates full of ever-changing but always confusing abbreviations made my stomach turn. I won’t say that I was never interested in this fast paced, icon of the youth’s debauchery of the electronic age, it prior to this class, but suppressed that inkling of desire, instead pursuing, what I believed to be, more important endeavors. I undoubtedly exhausted little effort towards understanding Twitter’s main purpose. Personal branding through social media is key to sucessful self-promotion. In this course I learned that one advantage of news feeds is  informing its followers about current events or breaking news. Webpages allow people to connect across vast areas through an intricate virtual world full of possibilites and information. Learning the effective ways of properly using the internet for an advantage to enhance self image can be tricky. A blog is a great way to jump start yourself. By sticking to the 80/20 rule, crowd pleasing topics, and accurate writing, self promotion becomes easy. For years, I’ve spent countless hours and late nights on media sites connecting with friends on Facebook, Myspace, and even AOL (I FEEL OLD), reading through threads, music blogs, and NPR news. Learning new techniques on self-promotion is a must have in the world of Mass Communications, allowing the mind-numbing experience of aimlessly wandering through webpages to become an advantagous experience, drawing people to your own personal page full of your own personal thoughts and expressions. This course thought me about the importance on social media and the ways to use it to my advantage. I will continue to update this blog, even after this semester ends. Thanks for tuning in.


During the Noah & the Whales performance at Empire Control Room in Austin.


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“Conversation Piece”

The lead man from Circa Survive, Anthony Green is on his winter tour; promoting his current album titled ‘Young Legs’. Green being a father of two children couldn’t help being long distance from his family during the tour, so he brought them along with his wife. When I first heard Green play a solo show I was at the utmost amazed with his presence on and off stage. He places his fans as a first priority and makes sure to praise them for it. During the Austin show, Green constantly interacted with the crowd not just with sing-a-longs but divided crowd into two verses of sing a longs, creating a musical masterpiece with his guidance. His presence and enthusiasm presented him as gracious and appreciative artist. ‘Young Legs’ can be found online on Spotify and iTunes, it’s definitely worth listening to.

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November 25, 2013 · 11:18 am


Enjoy listening to female singer/songwriters? Maybe your girlfriend likes it? Or perhaps you have a secret love for the music? Check out Cat Power(Chan Marshall) perform at Antones in Austin on December 14.  This lovely lady can sing and play the guitar, what’s not to love about her.

Here’s a video of Cat Power playing on the Jools Holland show:

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November 11, 2013 · 1:08 am

Music, Taco Cannon, & Fun

In need of Fun?

Austin’s annual music festival Fun Fun Fun Fest (because one Fun isn’t enough), is taking place this weekend. If you have time off to check out live sets or catch a stand up show, FFF is most definitely the place for you. The line up this year ranges from the music entertainments biggest names and to the under dogs. Whether you’re a festival novice or frequent festival go-er Fun Fun Fun will be a blast. Did I mention the taco cannon?

My must see performers this year are:


Snoop Dogg


Cut Copy


Doug Benson (at the comedy stage)

Stay safe out there!


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November 5, 2013 · 5:20 pm

Album Review: Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys

    If you already consider yourself a fan to the Arctic Monkeys. I’m sure by now
    you’ve played their newest album (AM) on repeat since it’s debut drop (I definitely have). The
    English indie pop band spaced out a few years before deciding to release AM. In my
    opinion, this album was a refreshing way to come back into the music world. Although singer Alex Turner had his solo work, coming back with the band was a good outcome.

    The set list was carefully thought out making it nothing short of blissful and each
    song was amazingly composed. Compared to the previous Arctic Monkeys albums,
    this is hand down (by a few ballparks) the best one yet.

    If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you listen to a few songs and then you’ll get hooked. Or if you get a chance to see them live, go for it.

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Hear to Tell

A$ap Rocky. Under The Influence Tour 2013

A$ap Rocky. Under The Influence Tour 2013. Austin, TX

I love how Austin is always referred to ‘The Music Capitol of the World’; making it a paradise for aspiring musicians and the music lovers. That’s quite possibly the reason I decided to make my move from Houston, TX to Austin. There is never a lack in the live music scene; each night there are countless shows throughout the city limits including many music festivals happening during the year. I’m a huge fan of the music scene. My goal with this blog is to provide information on upcoming anticipated albums (including the Arctic Monkeys, Kaskade, Miley Cyrus, and M.I.A.), concerts, and music festivals happening in Austin. I will provide links to Do512 , Austin Chronicle , and Austin 360 also upload my personal pictures and videos from listed shows (just in case you missed out). Stay tuned!

Happy Listening

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